Stephen King’s World of Wonders

Clint Eastwood, vampires and magic crystal balls, oh my!  In the Dark Tower series, Stephen King displays some of his great writing prowess as both a pure imaginative storyteller and as a literary stylist. But how does one describe the Dark Tower?  It’s not fantasy, it’s not sci-fi, but a melting pot of creativity that demonstrates King’s evolution as a writer throughout decades.


A Declaration of Intent (and some other things).

This will mark our first foray into book reviews. What kinds, you inquire?!  Tune in below to find out exactly what kind of demographic this podcast will be embracing. Hint: If you’re snooty (and would never use the word snooty) and you enjoy only the oldschool Classical poets of Greek and Roman yore ..or you’re a newbie to all those heavy tomes but you’ll crack fantasy books until the minotaurs come home, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast either way.