A Declaration of Intent (and some other things).

This will mark our first foray into book reviews. What kinds, you inquire?!  Tune in below to find out exactly what kind of demographic this podcast will be embracing. Hint: If you’re snooty (and would never use the word snooty) and you enjoy only the oldschool Classical poets of Greek and Roman yore ..or you’re a newbie to all those heavy tomes but you’ll crack fantasy books until the minotaurs come home, you’ll probably enjoy this podcast either way.


7 thoughts on “A Declaration of Intent (and some other things).

  1. This is exciting Alan! Would have loved to have had your insight into a Steven King book for my brother Steven, I always agonize over choosing a book for someone, don’t like buying duds 😝 Do the potential followers submit a title or do you make the choices yourself? This could lead to good things! Happy for you and want you to keep going with this no matter what! Follow your passion!! 💕


  2. Grayson, I’ll even save Dune for you for when you’re here in the city. It’s a plan.

    Cindy, in every podcast I’ll ask if there are any books that viewers want me to review. Some I’ll have mapped out earlier: just what seems relevant. For example, I want to riff a little on War and Peace soon and what it means when something of that scope is translated to a different medium (in this case, a miniseries). Thank you so much, and I’m really looking forward to it.


  3. This will be interesting, not a big reader but love movies. (All types)!!! But I also understand you can’t compare Rocky to Star Wars but I love them both!
    I have got into reading more since I’m flying a lot. So this should help me choose a good book… Other than Killing Jesus, I’ve really only read sports books. Reading a history book right now called ” don’t know much about history” it’s very cool, really hits the history of America that is not talked about or that you find in the basic history books.


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