Gertrude Stein’s Salon

If you think the Hard Knocks of Life is the best school, try the curriculum of 1920s Paris, which managed to spawn some of the most ambitious and talented legend artists to date. Gertrude Stein’s salon was the gathering nexus of time for some of the greatest talent in the world. But they did have their differences, and nobody squabbles like bohemian expats.

Corrections: The correct pronunciation is ma-tisse, not muh-tisse, as my tongue failed me there. Stein is just that West Virginian i.


The Sandman: A Dark Mythology


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A hairy editor in the throes of his fantasy love affair.


What informed the young Neil Gaiman’s decision to change the Sandman character how he did?  What was its affect throughout the decades following?  The Sandman series is among the most beloved fantasy graphic novels of all time, and we dip into some of the stories that deserve folk mention along with some of the best mythology.

Milan Kundera’s Master Class in Psychology

This week’s the Quillionaire session will cover the European classic, the Unbearable Lightness of Being. It’s become an intimidating text for some because of its reputation in academia, but it’s surprisingly easy to get into and it might be well worth your time because of Kundera’s effortless mastery of language and his surprisingly complete view of human beings: especially women.