McCarthy Conquers the West: Bridging Romanticism and Realism.

In this review of Cormac McCarthy’s “All the Pretty Horses,” we see a gorgeously written novel about one of the strongest and most charismatic protagonists in John Grady Cole. Cole’s romantic ventures and reserved nature make us fall in love with him immediately, but the path before him is a long and dark one that makes you want to applaud when you finish reading the first of the Borders trilogy.


War and Peace: Novel vs. Miniseries

It’s absurd to think of comparing adapted art in a new medium (television) to Tolstoy’s vast epic which has longevity as one of the greatest world masterpieces in any art form. But are things to be gained? ┬áIt depends on whom you ask, and today, we’ll explore some of the pluses and minuses of adapting a venerable work like War and Peace for modern audiences.